April 2006: Frederic Durand

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First, we loved the two-tone coloured wall in room 64 of the Jardin de l’Odéon.

Then, in this quite singular place, we wanted to stage something. With a model? The very thought gives me the idea of using more than one. How about three of us actually; more possibilities…
Thanks Rachel and Jingqing.

A photo shoot with not much time. All the better; I prefer improvising and working fast. And yet, I take loads of shots, just to reassure myself. Is it a good idea? In the end, one of last posed shots seems the best. Fixed, framed, precise, as an alternative to an out-of-focus shot?

How to choose alone? My models have their opinions to give; they are part of the image, after all.
Phew, we agree on the same one!

Hôtel Jardin de l’Odéon
April 2006