April 2011: Charlotte Tanguy

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Going to sleep, becoming part of the memory of the hotel room.

I remember another hotel room, then another, then another, and on and on infinitely. Like with photos sometimes.

Spending the night in a hotel as if you are on holiday.

Summer 2009. At the station, I had bought a magazine. « First man on the moon, the souvenir album ». That summer, spent looking at each image in detail.

Keeping my eyes open, a little longer, two more seconds, the little lights of the Pantheon. Leaving the curtains open on purpose.

And I see Walter Schirra on board Apollo 6.

I found the photo again, and a sweet wrapper.

1 – Walter Schirra on board Apollo 6
2- « They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it »
 – Mark Twain. (Sweet wrapper, winter 2011)

Hôtel des Grands Hommes
April 2011