August 2010: Lionel Pralus

PHPA in English

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It’s OK, you can see the light through the doorway, everything’s fine. Your eyes get used to the darkness, you can also see through the curtain, a little. Black doesn’t exist here. The body on its side, face turned towards the light, that’s they way you have to be. One foot passes in front of the other, that gets rid of them, it’s obvious, they won’t be able to come. The sheet pulled up above the pillow protects your neck, it’s in its place and apparently the rest too. Close your eyes.

 You have to get up, there’s something to be found. The window isn’t in the right place any more, neither’s the light. The furniture shrinks away, they avoid the hands and look for the feet. What should be in front is behind. The bed itself has disappeared or is something else. The legs get annoyed, as if knotted up by a clumsy snake. This big sandwich of fabric makes her realise: everything is backwards.

Hôtel du Panthéon
August 2010