August 2014: Kamille Lévêque Jego

PHPA in English

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The nightmare

“You shall know solitude no longer:

Wherever you are, I want you to remember me.
Each sheet you lie in will be my hands, clasping you. In each of your nights I want you to feel my presence kissing until suffocation. Each piece of draped cloth that slips over your tendons and lips will pull you into the lascivious memory of my regrets. I will be that weight on your chest, and the lasting smell of my skin will be the only breath of air you will be able to breathe.
You shall feel my unrelenting gaze through the fibre of your body, and the sweetness of my words will calm your moans. This way, you will remain under my control.

Wherever you go, each night will be the same embrace.
And your nightmares will be my electric dreams.”

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