December 2006: Jean Pierre Viguié (Eugène Boischarbon)

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Eugène was going to meet up with Boischarbon.

They had arranged to see each other on the Left Bank at the Jardin de l’Odéon hotel. Eugène stubbornly refused to say why he had chosen room 25 and not some other.

Boischarbon, who knew how eccentric his twin could be, decided not to try and fathom the reason behind this mysterious determination. The fact that Eugène had chosen this discreet and comfortable hotel appeared of be part of a plan that he hinted was of strategic importance.

Boischarbon wasn’t surprised that Eugène was using Polaroids.
No negatives, no trace. The photos had to remain unique.

Hôtel Jardin de l’Odéon
December 2006