December 2009: Cédric Roulliat

PHPA in English

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“Sorry, but I’m waiting for a friend to pay a visit. Did you see him in the lobby by any chance? I wasn’t able to give him my room number, and as I’m here under an assumed name I’m afraid he won’t find me. You’ll easily recognise him: he’s tall with red hair, in his twenties and very good-looking… (…) Oh no, I think your getting mixed up. That’s my doctor, he just came by to deliver an urgent prescription… (…) Yes, my nerves… If you knew he my little girl monopolises my time, I don’t have a minute to myself, and yet I can’t get to grips with the idea of abandoning these tender evening visitors that are so important to me… and on me. So, be a love will you and look out for that young redhead. Here, let me give my real name: Gladys. (…) My surname? Oh you don’t need that. He doesn’t know it either.”

Hotel du Panthéon, Paris, 1931.

Thanks: Alain, Alejandra, Benjamin, Carol, Cyril, Emilia, Laurent, Michaël.

Hôtel du Panthéon
December 2009