February 2007: Nicole Miquel

PHPA in English

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An invitation to spend a night in a hotel and take a photo there, one photo that the place inspired me to take. I approached this as a sort of exile, and exile just eight metro stops from my house, alone, with no luggage at all. I wanted to empty my mind, forget myself. Once I had arrived at the hotel, a place of passing through, a one-night refuge where I was part of the scenery, I wanted to concentrate of the present, the now.

A sadness came over me. The light, the decor, the objects all caught my attention and I tried to transform them into something else that they were trying to show me. I looked hard into every detail, trying to mind the mystery and spirituality that are my obsessions as a photographer.

To look carefully and show something other than what is immediate, obvious. Forget the immediate to discover of possibilities of interpretation and show how light can change everyday things, transcend them and make us see things differently.

For 24 hours I was in this unknown place, a different part of town. I just took the time to wander with no real direction, and find a Greek restaurant to eat a kebab and drink some retsina.

Eiffel Park Hotel
February 2007