January 2007: Cyril Perrin

PHPA in English

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21st January 2007, I’m 36 years old,

21st January 2007, I’m in room 16,

21st January 2007, there’s something familiar about this place,

21st January 2007, I click, click and click again!

The corridors, the stairs, the meeting room, the sofas in the lobby,

The colours, the paintings on the walls, a bathroom, a patio,

I explore, I’m charmed by it all, no lifebuoy.

And if I drown? If I suffocate? Have you heard of being breathless?

A dog barks, the caravan goes by, boxer or poodle?

The three kings? A delivery from the Sandman? No one pays any attention,

A strange sound, like someone falling, hey what’s that smell of perfume?…

I half open the door, and behind it… the 4th dimension?

Everything is calm, in its place.

I don’t hear anything ringing.

Are you there, spirit?

My angel? Shall I save her?


Hôtel Jardin de l’Odéon
Janvier 2007