July 2012: Emmanuelle Brisson

PHPA in English

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“If you leave, you will return soon – you will find me as I was and will always be for you. 300 leagues separate you and I, but you will be perpetually in my thoughts. My imagination will exhaust itself, searching to find out what you are doing. Separation will be a torment to which there can be no remedy…

I keep with me the memory of your kiss, and would like to think it is proof that I can be loved by you.

Come back to me Madame. Come back quickly. You are the sky for me. Being without you is as if hell itself had fallen upon me. 

I will love you with all my soul Très Chère Madame, and I will be yours for all my life.”

An (almost) authentic letter from Chateaubriand to Juliette Récamier – 1823

Hôtel La Belle Juliette

May 2012