June 2009: Romain Osi

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They night has already slowed. Tonight the Grands Hommes want to daydream.
I enter, put my bag down, look around and fall onto the bed. In this room, I feel an invitation to exist a little here, a little elsewhere.

I open the window. The silence facing me, the voyage in front me. This is what I like about hotels. That’s exactly what they are: a piece of home on a huge background of somewhere else.
Me eyes skit around, inside, outside, both mixed here.
I whisper to myself that I had never seen it like that, that now it’s sure – it’s an invitation – and I continue my slow crossing. It is lived in and the encounters are strong. This elsewhere is strong.

I thank, close the window and return to the bed. This décor has filled me up. Now, I’m at home here.

Enlarged Polaroid sx70 photo

Hôtel des Grands Hommes
June 2009