June 2012: Baptiste de Ville d’Avray

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Who is she?

4th March 2012
I get a call from Superintendent Bisotti. He needs my help solving the mystery of room 61. I get my stuff together and head for the Hôtel Design Sorbonne.

My investigation begins. I interview the staff, but no-one has noticed anything odd or unusual, especially as the room was supposed to be empty that day.

I take the lift. I find myself in front of room 61. A woman is lying in the bathtub in the middle of the room. I scan the scene, looking for clues. The smell of violets is heavy in the air. A negligée has been thrown onto the bed. On the dresser is an open bottle of red nail varnish, the brush dripping into a small puddle on the floor. The ventilation is blowing a thousand bubbles into the air. A waltz can be quietly heard coming from the orange telephone. The windows are closed. Only the curtain on the skylight is half open, letting a glimmer of light into the room.

What could have happened here? How did this woman end up lying in the bathtub? In fact, who is she?

Hôtel Design Sorbonne

June 2012