March 2006: Frederic Delangle

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The Hôtels Paris Rive Gauche group asked me to choose ONE day to visit the hotels. I chose ONE – the Hôtel Des Grands Hommes. I visited the hotel and chose ONE room: n° 60. I then arranged the ONE day when I would come and spend ONE night there. It was the 3rd March. I had to take photos.

On the nioght of the 3rd we went – Sabrina and I – to the hotel. The person at reception gave me the key to room sixty-ONE. I told him that there was a mistake, as I had reserved room 60, but he replied that on his planning sheet it was definitely sixty-ONE. We went out to eat at a restaurant and came back to the room. I intended to take ONE photo of Sabrina and me sleeping in the bed, with ONE exposure to last all of ONE night. I had tried previously of course, and the technique had failed. I wanted to try again by taking just ONE photo of the only night that I would spend in the room of this hotel, on the 3rd March, with the only woman I love. I had no choice.

Well, I have to admit that I didn’t dare; I took quite a few shots to get relaxed, calm, to avoid the stress of my youth when I used to go to the developing lab with a knot in my stomach thinking « if I’ve messed it up this time, I’m going to stop taking photos ».

I went to the lab to pick up my negatives, and the photo of the whole night had worked. So I destroyed the others: they were worthless and didn’t fit the criteria for this unique commission which will stay with me as a unique experience, and which I hope will one day be used in a unique exhibition to the great satisfaction of an equally unique person, to whom I give my gratitude for this original initiative, or rather, this UNIQUE initiative.

Thank you Alain.

Hôtel des Grands Hommes
March 2006