March 2007: Jean-Stéphane Cantero

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She was sublime and natural. There she was, contemplating what was in front of her. She didn’t see me…

Sshe’d even forgotten that I was in the room with her. Only the wind caressing and playing with her long blond hair could make her forget the timid sounds floating up from the street, the children playing ball games in front of the History of France, standing there with its terrifying columns. Life went on before her astute gaze…

She was just there, the witness of a moment that she will not forget, and yet nothing was really happening. Occasionally, the silence made a soft sound of happiness. She forgot herself, let her emotions overcome her. And there I am, incapable of interrupting the moment, just able to immortalise it, freeze it forever.

Elle était là sublime et naturelle. Elle était là en train de contempler la vie qui s’offrait à ses yeux. Elle ne me regardait pas…

Hôtel du Panthéon
March 2007