May 2010: Sacha Goldberger

PHPA in English

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This photo reminds me of someone,  but who, dammit? First of all, the scene is familiar, it looks like a hotel, a room radiating with softness, a place that leaves you with molecules of sadness and love near the viscera and the heart. It’s a well-known place, a far from ordinary place. The bathtub is strong, you can feel it, it’s there, it looks like a man lying down, a space for men and women to lie down in. Sometimes they stay there. But who is this historical figure? It’ll come back to me, it such an obvious image, I can’t believe I’ve can’t remember the name of the victim, I’ve always known it, it’s crazy. That mop of hair wrapped in a towel, the poetry in the hand, above all that bathtub, that thin body… Good grief, yes, that’s it: it’s that sonofabitch Jim Morrison.

Text by Christophe Paviot, translated by Jason Whittaker

Hôtel Design Sorbonne
May 2010