October 2007: Caroline Ruelle

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My muse carries me, carries me away, gives me life.
And tonight he is there, close to me, all warm under the rooftops, whilst I’m deathly cold. He is sleeping.

This is my magnetic night, my night with André.
The vice tightens, compressing time.
My feet are me this evening, I am a foot-woman, head shaped like a foot, nails instead of eyes…
A chimera throws itself into the Seine. She spins and suddenly sinks into the silvery gold…
The unfailing beam of light sweeps through my soul and the thick hair of the city’s nocturnal chimeras. Paris is a jellyfish, with people as its tentacles.

Tonight, I will be in the arms of André the Magnificent, with his aquiline nose and piercing regard. I will be on his strong torso, offered for me to rest on, and we will be calm together, under the roofs of the Pantheon, just far enough away from the Grands-Hommes Cathedral, to sigh in the cool of this night and the warmth of our lives…
André, let me believe that you watch me sleep…

Hôtel des Grands Hommes
October 2007