October 2009: Ambroise Tézenas

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I say ‘bonjour’ to the receptionist and an American woman exiting the lift. With all my bags, she takes me for a tourist that’s just arrived, whereas she now knows the city.

Room 65, 6th floor. I think that the first thing that I have always done upon entering a hotel room is to look out of the window. I see the rooftops, a man in a dressing gown switching off a light.

I take a photo of the view, the Théâtre de l’Odéon. Night falls, I draw the curtains and lie down, snooze for a while, get up and take a photo of my bed for this one night.

I never thought I would experience the happy solitude of a traveller in my own city.

Hôtel Jardin de l’Odéon
October 2009