September 2006: Gaëlle Magder

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One July evening, just back from a Moroccan trip, I told my lover that our voyage was not yet over. After having barely the time to unpack and re-pack a smaller case, we were off again. This time, I was taking my handsome partner through the summer heat to the 5th arrondissement to the Hôtel du Panthéon.

What could be more original that staying in a hotel in your own city?

After a romantic dinner and a walk – as a tourist, for once – through the Paris streets, we went back to room 53 and its Provence décor. From the balcony, the view of the Pantheon was superb, and I started taking photos of everything; him, me, us, the room, the bed, the bathroom… The night was beautiful and full of dreams, and in the end it’s this photo of the Pantheon that conveys it the best.

Dream or reality? You decide…

Hôtel du Panthéon
September 2006