September 2013: Gregor Beltzig

PHPA in English

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« Since quite some time already my girlfriend and me live a long distance relationship. My love and I don’t meet for long and everytime when we do it’s not for long.
Often we meet in a city somewhere halfway between our regular lives. A city that we both don’t know and that we will never get to know, because we meet there just to see each other and nothing else.
We enter our hotel room on Friday evening as Adam and Eve entered paradise. This will be our paradise for 48 hours. A paradise that is doomed to fail. A paradise that shows its caducity the morning we realize that it is leaving day already again. But that is the only way paradise can exist – as a moment in time. A paradise on earth needs the element of a nearing end, otherwise it would become banal. Because it is the pain of separation that makes us realize how happy we are to be able to be together. »

Gregor Beltzig

Hôtel des Grands Hommes